New Bosch “Tour+” update – Will the tuning tools for Bosch still work afterwards?

New Bosch “Tour+” update – Will the tuning tools for Bosch still work afterwards?

Do the tuning tools still work after an update with the Tour+ mode? First experiences with the new Bosch update!

Bosch has announced an update for all Performance Line CX e-bikes from model year 2020 onwards: The new “Tour+” (Tour Plus) mode is supposed to provide more range and an even more natural riding experience. However, the question is whether common tuning tools will still work after the update. We therefore asked some tuning manufacturers for their assessment. Many of them answered spontaneously, for which we would like to thank them at this point.

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Tour+ Modus before installation

85Nm eMTB + Tour + (Tour = Tour+) (N34031)

The eMTB mode varies dynamically between the Tour and Turbo riding modes. The Tour+ mode is shown in the display as “Tour”. This mode dynamically varies between Eco and Turbo riding modes and provides progressive motor assistance for maximum performance on the trail.

see above

But first, what is the Tour+ mode supposed to do?

The “Tour+” mode is not about increasing the power (which is already very impressive with the powerful Performance Line CX drive), but primarily about more range and a more natural riding experience. This is supposed to work by the motor support holding back when the rider himself provides sufficient pedaling support, e.g. on flat and particularly easy trails. Overall, you have to pedal a bit harder and should also feel a bit more resistance on flat tracks. However, battery power is saved in return.

When going uphill, on the other hand, the Tour+ mode delivers powerful, individually adapted support again. The ratio of assistance is continuously increased the harder you pedal, eventually resulting in a stepless transition into Turbo mode. As soon as the incline subsides or you are riding on a flat surface again, the motor assistance is reduced again. Switching between the known driving modes is not necessary with the Tour+ mode.

This not only saves battery power – as a side effect, the stepless assistance in the Tour+ mode is also supposed to provide an even more natural riding experience that feels even more like a real bike. The annoying shifting is eliminated, so you can enjoy the riding experience even more. Apparently, Bosch wants to provide a kind of eMTB mode for everyone with the “Tour+” mode.

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Bosch screenshot

Bosch e-bike motors are getting serious competition

By optimizing the motor support, Bosch is probably responding to the massive competition from Shimano’s new EP8 motor, which also has a very high torque of 85 Nm – and weighs just 2.6 kg.

When will the Tour+ mode be available?

The Tour+ mode will be available from July 2021 for all Bosch e-bikes with Performance Line CX motors from year of manufacture 2020 onwards.

The Bosch Tour+ mode tested: Effects on tuning tools?

For us, the question is whether common tuning tools for Bosch e-bikes will still work after the update. Generally, we do not recommend updates, since they can affect the function of the tuning tools. It is conceivable that the Bosch anti-tuning detection suddenly reacts after an update.

Do we have to assume that the tuning will also be affected by the Tour+ update? We have tried to get expert opinions from various tuning manufacturers. Here you get a first overview about their tests and reactions:

VOLspeed about the new Bosch Tour+ mode

A developer from VOLspeed (manufacturer of tuning modules, e.g. for Bosch) does not expect any changes regarding the tuning detection as a result of the update. Despite the new Tour+ mode, the software version of the Performance CX Gen 4 engine should remain at version During the conversion with the IBD diagnostic tool, only parameters in the engine that generate the progressive behaviour in the Tour mode are being changed. You can compare this type of change with the change from 75 to 85 Nm or the change from eMTB mode to Sport mode (or vice versa). However, the Tour+ mode should only be configurable in conjunction with the eMTB mode and 85 Nm torque (no corresponding data sets are yet available for other possible combinations).

In fact, the VOLspeed team had already converted an e-bike to the Tour+ mode on a test basis. The VOLspeed module worked without any problems even after the changeover.

VOLspeed V4 for Bosch in the EBikeTuning

Badass Box about the new Bosch Tour+ mode

An expert from the tuning manufacturer badass eBikes GmbH (pioneer of e-bike tuning since 2013) was more sceptical. He points out that the previous anti-tuning measures did not take effect immediately after installing an update. From the past, it is known that the error 504 occurred in part only after considerable distances had already been driven with the affected e-bike (in extreme cases up to 5000 km). So it could be that a tuned e-bike still works normally at first after installing the update, and then the anti-tuning software suddenly reacts. Therefore, it is actually difficult to come to a valid conclusion.

Badass Box 4 for Bosch in the EBikeTuning

RedPed about the new Bosch Tour+ mode

The team RedPed (sophisticated tuning tools with a high range of functions) evaluates the matter similarly to Badassebikes and VOLspeed, but is still testing. This means that even if a more sustainable conclusion is still pending, it will come when more experience has been gained. The new RedPed 3 for Bosch is currently making big waves anyway and enjoys high popularity.

RedPed 3 for Bosch in the EBikeTuningShop

Our conclusion about the Tour+ mode

Of course, these expert opinions should only be regarded as preliminary assessments. We will only know what actually happens when the Tour+ mode is available for a longer period of time and it has been installed on various tuned e-bikes – and these bikes have also been ridden for a longer period of time. At least with the VOLspeed module, there don’t seem to be any problems for the time being – that’s good news. Finally, Badassebikes and RedPed also come to a similar conclusion. However, it remains to be seen whether the anti-tuning measures might not take effect at higher mileages. After all, cases are known in which the error 504 only occurred after about 30 up to a considerable 5,000 kilometers.

If you own a tuned Bosch e-bike or have a Bosch pedelec that you want to tune in the future, you should therefore – in our opinion – wait a little longer before installing the update. You should also think carefully about whether you really need the update. Until further information is available, we recommend avoiding the Tour+ update for now.

We will certainly report on this topic again shortly as soon as we have new information.

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