Badass Box for E Bikes with integrated Sensor

Badass Box for E Bikes with integrated Sensor

One of the core competences of the Badass Box is that it is easy to handle and can be inserted quickly. Unfortunately, there are E Bikes where the sensor is embedded into the frame and the Badass Box cannot easily be mounted. This applies especially to E-MTBs with integrated sensor: Focus (with Shimano motor, mostly with electronic Di2 gearshift) or Specialized Turbo Levo or Specialized Turbo Vado (each with Brose motors).

However, there is an unofficial solution for technically skilled Badass Box users. With the help of an adapter, the sensor can be attached to the chain stay and the Badass Box can be placed on it regularly. All necessary products are available in the E Bike Tuning Shop: Badass Box (for Brose, for Shimano either in the normal version or in the “Freeze” version), cable tie adapter & spoke magnet.

If this solution is worth considering for you, you need the following products:

  • Badass Box for Brose or Badass Box for Shimano (Attention: if your bike has an electronic circuit (“with Di2”), you need the special “Freeze” version of the Badass Box) – Cost: 139 Euro.
  • Cable tie adapter (universal adapter) – Cost 5.95 Euro.
  • Magnet (spoke magnet) (Attention: the best magnet is already included in the Badass Box 4) – Cost 11,90 Euro.
  • Total costs: 156,85 Euro.

The Badass Box, the universal adapter and the optional spoke magnet are available at EBikeTuining !

(german version)
Badass_Magnet_5 Sensor embedded in the frame.

Sensor disconnected.

Loosen sensor cable.

Fasten sensor with cable tie adapter.

Sensor attached to cable tie adapter.

Badass Box attached to the sensor – with cable tie adapter.